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Brain Health Means Exercise, Just Like Physical Health

Workouts are for more than your brain. Did you know that the average adult watches five hours of television per day, which averages out to 77 days PER YEAR where you are vegged out in front of the television? That is not doing your brain any favors. Instead, break away from the television and try challenging your brain in a new way today.

When it comes to making sure you give your brain a workout, there are numerous big brain games that can help with your efforts. Crosswords and apps that encourage you to find a certain number of words from provided letters are great activities to do with letters. If numbers are more your style, you can try Sudoku or other number puzzles that are readily available online.

There are even logic puzzles, where you are given a number of clues and have to determine which three elements go together based on those clues. Who wouldn’t be challenged by a story where the pieces of the puzzle have to be deducted from the information that is given?

Detective shows and mysteries are popular on television. However, those do not challenge your mind nearly as much as a puzzle on a page – or even an app on your phone. Your brain can be put to good use with these games and help you feel mentally aware for all of the daily tasks you handle at work and at home.

You will feel younger, more alive and be more likely to take up new hobbies and face new challenges with a positive attitude. All of these reactions help extend your life expectancy. This means better mental health to match your efforts on the treadmill or working out with a personal trainer.

Remember to plan for mental workouts while you are fitting in that trip to the gym. Your brain will thank you.